On Hold Marketing

With Reach-On-Hold we provide a dynamic and easy way for you to choose the way that you sound through your very own Audio Branding. We provide you with our platform to easily craft your Audio Branding on our On Hold Website where you can use voice and music creatively, opening up new ways for you to engage with your customers.

The telephone is a key branding opportunity and call handling is essential for any organisation that wants to provide the best service and protect its reputation. Gone are the days when you could pulse out a recording of Green sleeves or repeat a message explaining how important the caller is.

Over 70% of callers are placed on hold & over 60% just hear beeps or silence

Research shows that over 70% of callers are placed on hold or transferred over half of the time when calling into small to medium sized business in the UK and over 60% of these callers still only listen to beeps or silence.

On hold marketing replaces what is already there with targeted messages, created for you to compliment your brand and enhance your image.

With Reach-On-Hold you have an opportunity to:


Market to captive audience


Cross-sell products & services


Promote special offers


Encourage customers to find out about you


Show your customers you care