Business Telephone Systems

Every business is different, so why should their telephony requirements be the same? A new business telephony system shouldn’t be about learning your way around something new; it’s about a simple and intuitive system that’s easy to use and enjoyable for every member of staff.


Fixed Handsets


Cordless Handsets



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Which business telephone system is right for you?

The business telephone system market is heavily saturated with different solutions and functionality. As such it can be a meticulous task in trying to find a telephony solution that does precisely what your company needs and a risk of making sure you get the decision right. The right telephone system and set up, can single-handedly improve customer’s perception of you, will increase staff productivity a improve business profitability.

Our expert consultants can visit your premises for a free consultation to fact find your requirements and then pinpoint you in the right direction.


Fixed handsets

All handsets are individually programmed for the employees using them. This allows staff to fully utilise all the functions straight out of the box. With our fixed handsets you can:

  • View extension statuses
  • Transfer to extensions at the press of a button
  • View customer details on screen
  • Use clearly identified buttons for hold, handsfree, mute, volume and conference calls
  • Forward or transfer calls to any mobile phone at the push of a button
  • Our handsets are loop enabled

Cordless handset

Our cordless handset designs are both convenient and durable. We use the most up-to-date portable technology to ensure that our handsets are simple to use, extremely durable and offer unbeatable range and functionality.

Cordless handsets are the norm in a number of industries and are an extremely popular style of business phone. If your business requires you to be on the go all of the time, the cordless handset is the right choice for you.



Headsets from Reach allow you to improve productivity for employees that spend a lot of time on the phone or time away from their desks. Our headsets let you receive calls with caller details on the computer screen. With a sleek wireless design, these headsets are as comfortable as they are practical. Make typing and talking at the same time a breeze with headset technology from Reach.