Business Telephone Systems

Every business has a unique telephony requirement. A new business telephony system isn’t about learning your way around something new, It’s about an easier and simpler system for all employees to enjoy in the workplace. We pass the same ergonomic design on to all our customers- with you.


Fixed Handsets


Cordless Handsets



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What’s the right business telephone system for you?

In a tainted market this can be a daunting question and one that simply comes down to what you need as a business to improve your telephone efficiency. Our expertise tells us that your telephone efficiency, single handily improves customers’ perception of your business and will help increase staff productivity; resulting in having made the right choice for your business telephone system.

Most importantly, Reach only provide the best suited and most reliable business telephone systems available on the market today and all for little or no additional cost. The customer service we provide at Reach by putting customer care 1st is another reason we believe we’re the right provider for your telephony needs; with the peace of mind and security that you’re in good hands.


Fixed handsets

All handsets are individually programmed for the employees using them, allowing staff to fully use all the functions with ease.

  • View extension statuses
  • Transfer to extensions at the press of a button
  • View customer details on screen
  • Clearly identified buttons for; hold, hands-free, mute, volume, and conference calls
  • Forward or transfer calls to any mobile phone at the press of a designated key
  • Loop enabled

Cordless handset

Our cordless handset designs are both convenient and durable. With the newest portable technology, simplicity meets power with superb range and transfer functionality.

Cordless handsets will always be a key aspect of many business phone systems and especially for many service industries where being on the go is a part of day-to-day, at the office.



Improve productivity and ease of use for those employees that spend a lot of time on the telephone or even those that spend a lot of time away from their desks.

Receive calls with caller details popped up on your PC screen. Click on the ear piece to engage the call. Comfort is key and our cordless headset design allows you to have hands- free whilst having the freedom to roam.