The sheer volume of phone calls can overwhelm healthcare practices especially at those certain times of the day. A well-bespoke system programming is essential in improving business efficiency and customer perception. Our consultants tailor the system with you to optimise performance around your operation.

Reach will help develop a tailor-made system that will help benefit your system in many ways


Computer Telephone Integration

As a professional company you hold large amounts of customer data on your records so why not have a phone system which is integrated with that.

This gives you the chance to leave notes and messages on each contact such as completion due date or whether a customer needs to pay for search fees or even if bills are overdue.


Call reporting

As your time is precious and often you need to make sure you keep track of how much time you are spending on each customer especially if you need to charge for your time.

It is also great for your receptionist to generate an end of day reports and allocate your used time to particular customers.


On Hold Marketing

Whilst your customers are placed on hold or transferred why not use this time to advertise features of your business.

e.g. if you are a solicitor firm you can advertise on ‘no win, no fee’ offers you may have available, or to advertise changes within the company like merges with other firms.


Call Recording

As a company within the professional services sector, e.g. solicitors, estate agents or accountants, every phone call you make is vital to your business. With our system, every call you take or make is always recorded, so if you ever need to refer back to it for whatever reason, the call is always there when you need it.

This is especially useful as you can send a call to your secretary so you don’t need to waste time on dictations.