Whether you’re a spa, hotel, golf club, or all 3, every call you miss you is potentially lost business or even a diminished customer perception. At Reach we understand maximising your customers’ perception and ensure capture of every business opportunity.


Auto Attendant

Make sure your customers are always diverted to the right department straight away, this will also be a chance to save your staff time on the phone by pre-recording your message, easily change your course condition announcement at a press of a button.


On Hold Marketing

Never miss a chance to advertise your current offers or special events that you have coming up, such as open days and discounted spa days.

Spa’s especially benefit from special offer days so this would be a great time to advertise this when your customers wait on hold.

Golf clubs will also be able to advertise other revenue streams such as weddings or event use.


Missed Call Capture

Never miss a call from a potential customer or appointment that could bring in business to your company, for businesses such as golf clubs, it is key to make sure that all tee slots for competitors or society days are filled.

What happens to your calls when you are closed? 80% of callers now don, so you are losing out on business that is looking for you!


Call Recording

As clubs and leisure facilities take the majority of their bookings, it is vital to make sure that these conversations are recorded so that if there is ever a discrepancy then you can always refer back to it.

You may also need to listen back to your calls to ensure that your customers are receiving a high standard of customer care and for your employee’s security.