As an automotive service and/or distribution company, it’s a necessity to manage calls on the go.  Our automotive solution ensures the best portable coverage, ease of use and durability in the workplace whilst automatically assisting business telephony requirements.

Dect phones are a great addition when you are constantly on the move and have to move around the workshop without worrying about losing signal or drop the dect phone as that’s what they are ultimately built for.

Besides the dect phones there are also other benefits that could help your business:


Computer Telephone Integration

With high levels of repeat customers calling, take benefit of the names associated with numbers popping up on each call. Make every call personable and be assured contact information is logged automatically on answering. Existing customer/supplier contact list can be uploaded into the telephone system software or where possible a full integration with an existing database or CRM.


Missed Calls & Reporting

We will programme the system to automatically operate around your business hours. 80% of callers won’t leave messages and simply hang up; rest assured that all missed call information is made visible and will be compiled as a list, sent by email every morning with callers’ names and numbers. Simply click on any number to dial back.


On Hold Marketing

Research suggests that 50% of customers hang up when placed on hold when presented with silence for 30 seconds on more. On hold marketing uses a captivating blend of music and voice to transform your customer experience allowing you to Reach out with your very own audio branding.


Call Recording

As an automotive servicing or distribution company, quotations and agreements can often be made verbally. Protect your business and prevent discrepancy escalations with our built-in call recorder. Easily search old calls in seconds to play and even email any conversation. A must-have reference tool to quickly resolve disputes, train staff and protect your business.